I need to say that I am so happy with the results! I love the pictures, what impressed me most was taking them though. From the first moment, I felt very comfortable and I did not hesitate to move naturally or act how you wanted me to. I did not expect a portrait shooting to be so relaxed. The atmosphere you created made the results so beautiful.
— Sacha Speckemeier - Director, Ultraviolet
Working with you has been great. You were able to understand my vision and that was extremely important to me. Many photographers just come and take a picture and forget about what the customer want. You are so professional, from the model release to the calibration of colors to adapt to what we are doing. The way you conduct your business is the way any business owner wants to do it for their own business.

Justin, your business will flourish because of three things you got - Talent, Professionalism, and Business skills. I am looking forward working with you [again] in the next project.
— Luis A Hoz de Vila - Lead Designer, LA Signature
Justin understood everything I wanted and put me in the best light possible to gain a very professional and satisfying outcome. I´d work with him again any time!
— Christian Mraz - General Manager, Bluepool Design
Love the photos! Thank you. Looks perfect ;)
— Katharina Holder - Head of HR Asia, DMG Asia
I normally hate getting my photo taken, but Justin was able to immediately put me at ease! I was able to relax and enjoy the experience rather than worry about the actual shoot. Justin assured me we would get some great photos and he was right! Sooo many great shots to choose from, I had a hard time narrowing everything down!
— Victoria Douglas